About us


Once, when we started trading Runescape gold in different forums across the world, we were gamers just like you. Slowly, as time passed, we gained more and more experience and became more and more professional at helping people to buy gold coins. Our staff increased in number and professionalism and we established our base in Europe. We have fluent English speaker staff and a dedicated support team 24/7.  Whenever you are in need of gold or whenever you have a question, we are here for you.

Our goal is to give you the best possible service to help you to get some money in Runescape and to provide you with it, the gamer, with the most reliable, fast and hassle free buying experience and with the best gold prices you can find today on the market.

We are here because of you, our valuable customer, and this is why we strive to support you and to provide you with the best possible shopping experience. We want to share with you our vast knowledge and gaming experience and protect you from scams and fraudulent websites which try to take advantage of you when you are in urgent need of either OSRS gold or Runescape 3 gold.

We only work with buyers and sellers who are interested in exchanging their hard earned GP's into game items or the other way around.

If you are a serious, honest gamer, who want to do business with a trustworthy reliable provider, you got to the right place.