OSRS Range Guide | Fastest and profitable ways to train 1-99 range!

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OSRS Range Guide | Fastest and profitable ways to train 1-99 range!

OSRS range guide

OSRS is a fun game to play, it can bring in front an incredible experience and in the end it can bring you hours upon hours of enjoyment. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be easy to find a good OSRS range guide however. The game does a very good job at offering you immense, action packed and fun moments that you can play and each time you enjoy this experience you will have a lot of fun enjoying everything that the game has to offer.

99 range lvl

What makes the game distinct is the fact that it does allow you to train your ranged features in a very distinct and unique manner. It really shines because of that, and you should consider focusing on that due to this reason alone. Thankfully, with this OSRS range guide you will be able to get the results you want fast and easy.

When you are training from a ranged perspective, you should consider getting the very best armor that you can find on the market. The reason is simple, you will be very efficient from afar, but if the enemy comes to you, then you will be vulnerable. A good range armor will help you eliminate that problem, so try to keep that in mind, in case you are using throwing knives, we recommend you to opt for the iron knives as they are cheap and they are very accurate as well. as you progress in the game, you will see that the steel darts are by far the best option. They are cheaper and you get to have a similar attack speed and bonus when compared to the iron knives. It’s a good idea to use the ranged potions too. However, these are available only after level 40.

From levels 1-10

If you are here, then you are a beginner and it will take quite a bit of time to reach the results you want. You should not be discouraged, there is a lot of hard work to be had until you reach the desired level, all you have to do is to avoid rushing and results can be very good in the end.

You should start simply by killing chickens at the Lumbridge chicken farm. You can also try to collect their feathers as you can sell that for more ammo. That alone is a very good idea to make some money from your training, so you may want to start with that for sure.

If you want to have the right gear at this time, you should consider using leather chaps, vambraces, body and cowl. A combat bracelet, obsidian cape and an Amulet of glory can come in handy as they will protect you quite a bit. Keep in mind that training from levels 1-10 takes only 20 minutes or so. However, it’s still a good idea to acquire these items as you will have a much better set of results in the end as you progress.

Purchase as many steel darts as you can as they will be very important for the next portions of your training. However, a thing to note about the OSRS range guide is that you need as much patience as you can. This is now a simple process, it’s a very time consuming one and it will bring in its own set of challenges as you progress. But, as long as you don’t rush, you will see that the experience can be a very good one. Use the rapid fire if you want to opt for smart and fast leveling.

From level 10-20

After you got level 10, you can go towards the cow pen that’s located right near the chicken farm mentioned earlier. Now you will actually start engaging enemies, so it will be a bit more exciting. This is great because you encounter monsters that have a bit more hitpoints. It’s a good idea to eliminate the cows and get the cow hides, since you can sell these from a profit. Continue here until you reach level 20. It’s a very good idea to try hard to acquire 10 defense, as this will allow you to switch to the head leather armor that has some better stats overall. Don’t rush, take your time and you will be rewarded with the overall results in the end!

killing cows in osrs

From level 20-40

Once you are done with the beginner stuff, you need to enter a much more challenging training session. This is where you need to go to the Stronghold of Security. Here you will have many minotaurs on the first floors and they will be your target practice. You need to kill them and the wolves, although you should leave the wolves until you reach level 30 at least. You don’t have to worry that much, there’s a lot of great results to be had as you play and the experience does tend to get better and better each time, which is what you will like a lot.

training range on minotaurs in osrs

A good idea is to use one of the safe spots found in the first room on the left. This works only for the players that have a lot level, but it will offer you quite a lot of value and the experience will be a very good one to begin with.

You can upgrade your gear now. By this point, you should have some studded chaps, a student body as well as a coif aside from what we mentioned earlier. Frog leather armor is very good, at level 30 you can switch that to the snakeskin armor. We also recommend you to use the Dorgeshuun crossbow at this point as this will help you get fast kills and it has good damage as well.

Level 40-60

When you reach level 40 ranged, I would recommend you to go to the rock crabs located in the NE region of Rellekka, experiment cave or you can check out the caged Ogres that are eastern of the Castle Wars. These are amazing training places that give you a very good experience and there are plenty of advantages to be had here. The Rock Crabs is a great place if you want to get a lot of experience relatively fast.

However, the ogres are safer to kill from afar and the region is less crowded.

Training range on caged ogres in osrs

Aside from this, I also recommend you to go to the nightmare zone. It’s quite challenging to go here and it may require a higher level, but it still delivers a pretty good punch and that’s what you want to have for sure. Plus, it’s not hard to get into this and the outcome can be a very rewarding one.

But these are not the only places where you can train. On the contrary, you will find many others that you can use to level up your ranged ability rather fast. I would also recommend killing yaks on Neitiznot, entering the ranged competition at the ranged guild, killing the sand crabs in the Zeah coast as well as experimenting in the Fenkenstrain’s Dungeon. There’s a lot of value to be had here and you will be quite impressed with the unique value delivered here. It’s safe to say that you can find plenty of value in this situation, so you have to try and keep that in mind at all times. You should also try to engage the hill giants in the Edgeville dungeon just because this is a very popular dungeon and you can get quite a bit of value from that alone. It all comes down to you to make the right pick. Take your time, do not rush and you will see that results can be very good in the end.

As long as you can, try to switch to the blue dragonhide armor and try to upgrade it to the Ava accumulator when you reach level 50. It might sound simple, but it really works and it will provide you with a great boost as you play.

Level 60-80

As you reach the higher levels of your training, you have to do all you can in order to make the process faster and more seamless. It will not be easy to do such a thing, mainly because there is a lot of challenge to be had as you explore the regions I am about to recommend. Still, it will be very good for you to reach the results and acquire the experience you want, so you should try to keep that in mind right away.

The best way to get the OSRS range guide going is to just make sure that you eliminate the Ankou in the Stronghold of Security. You can get some really good drops here, all while boosting your ranged level, and that on its own can be very rewarding.

ankous safespotting to train range

Then you have the TzHaar in the city with the same name. A good thing here is that you have tons of spots to hide behind and you will see that the entire experience as a whole is rewarding and interesting. It will take a bit of time to get used to this, but with the right approach you will see that nothing is impossible. There are many kill stealers as well as arrow robbers in the area, so make sure that you are in a clear area. Retrieve your arrows and eliminate any kill stealers in order to get a very good set of results. The black d’hide armor should be your focus at level 70, but remember that you can get full void gear if you want to acquire the very best leveling options in the end.

profits from training range from 75 to 92 in tzhaar cave

Level 80-90

At this point, you are very close to the higher level stuff. As a result, you need to make sure that you train in dangerous locations which will give you enough xp to get an even higher level. The chinchompas in the Ape Toll Dungeon are by far the best option here and it will be a great experience.

training range with red chins in the Ape Toll Dungeon OSRS

Here is an example of range set up for chinning

Range set up to train range with red chins

Void range gear and inventory set up for training range in ape toll dungeon

Void range gear and inventory set up for training range in ape toll dungeon

Gear for 1 Def lvl range pures

Gear for 1 Def lvl range pures red chins osrs

If you want more, you can enter the same experience at the Maniacal Monkeys. You will have to start the Monkey Madness II quest here, so try to keep that in mind.

Then you have the TzHaar in the Karamja Volcano these are known to give you a stellar return on investment for your time. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can also try out the nightmare zone with better chances of survival. Here you can try to use stuff like steel darts, blowpipes and so on. You can also try to use the rune crossbow and some broad bolts if you want to boost your overall experience.

Getting the high level armor and weapons is very important if you want to train fast. Obviously, you will be quite limited based on what you do but the overall experience can be rather challenging and daunting in the end if you don’t use the right tools. If you ran out of supplies, or you want to train range faster with the best gear, think about an option to buy OSRS gold from our website.

As you can see, the OSRS range guide is not that hard to use, it all comes down to finding the right training for your appropriate level. Keep in mind that this does take a lot of time and precision. But, as long as you take your time, you will see that the outcome can be very rewarding and that’s what you want to have at this point. Try to train all the time and use this OSRS range guide to make the training experience even better!


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