OSRS PKing guide 2017

OSRS PKing guide 2017


PKing Guide for Stats and Account Building

There are a number of things that have been released in the recent past and this has provided a whole lot more PVP situations. This tutorial guide will help you be able to learn and make the best choice among of a number of techniques, irrespective of your level or proficiency.


This is an effective guide for novices as well as the pros, and covers all that is featured in PKing, from the basic moves to the most complex tactics. In view of this, the understanding the stats and account building is a critical place to commence.

Stats and Account Building

PKing stands for Player Killing and it is a straightforward game. The objective of the game is to use the weapons that you have and combat skills to attack the other players, with the hope of draining their HP to zero and eventually kill them. To be able to accomplish this, you need to understand stats.






Combat Stats

The secret to winning in PK is understanding the right combination of stats. You should find the stats that will give you the most power and ensure that you maintain the lowest combat level. The process of calculating the combat is somewhat sophisticated, but it can be simplified into the 3 styles of combat:

  1. Melee
  2. Ranged
  3. Magic

The combat level is based on the highest category that you have. For instance, if you have a 50 mage, as the main combat skill and the combat level is at 27, you can choose to raise the range to 50 as well. However, the combat level will remain at 27, which is determined by the magic level.

If you raise the range to 51, the dynamics change and the combat is calculated based on the range level and if you push it all to 80, the combat level will shoot up to 41. At this point, you can also increase the magic level to 80 and the combat level will not be affected.

Defense, Prayer and Hit Points

These 3 skills will certainly affect your combat level, in an independent manner, this is respective of the part of the triangle, where your account is. You should be able to level these 3 skills so as to maintain a low combat level.

Pure Account Building

There are tons of ways to build accounts for PKing game. Pures are the people who create an account with particular levels, using the combat system. This is an account that gives you so much power, overall, but it is not necessary to use to PK. Training a Pure takes a whole lot of time. If you want to experience the different types of Pures is by going to World 18 the Bounty Hunter and go to Edgeville. This allows you to watch the types of prayers and weapons used.


You can also check out the stats so as to get a hint of the type if Pure, the players are. Essentially, all you will need is weapon, food and armor to PK, but you can use other options to become more powerful. You can unlock these options through mini games and quests.


Here are some of the options that you can use to make yourself powerful:

  • God Books: Complete Horror from the Deep to get 4 pages of the particular God. The most important ones are:
  1. Zammy Book for attack stats
  2. Law for Ranged
  3. Darkness for Mage


  • God Capes: Play the Mage Arena mini game to unlock the God Capes. Both the God Books and Capes, if they are lost, you can get them back from Perdu. You will have to go to the Edge Village store, which is upstairs.


  • Avas Accumulator: You will get by completing the Animal Magnetism quest.


  • Fire Cape: This is for Melee and will be acquired when you finish the fight caves and killing a jad.


  • Climbing Boots: For the Pures, you have to complete the Death Plateau so as to get these boots.


  • Ancients: You will have to complete the long desert treasure quest, and this unlocks Ancient spells. It is important to note that Ice Bridge is the most powerful spell, which freezes opponent for up to 20 seconds and requires 94 mage lvl.


  • Dragon Scimitar and Dragon Dagger: Dragon Scimitar is from Monkey Madness, while Dragon Dagger is from Lost City quest. These are the most important quests.


  • Gloves: To get any type of gloves in this game, you have to complete Recipe for Disaster, which is a pretty long quest. The 1 defense Pures need to get to the Mith gloves, while those with an account with a defense of 40 and above should get the Barrows gloves.


  • Fighter Torso: You can buy this from the Barbarian Assault mini game. This is an improved room play body.


  • Vengeance: Unlock this by finish the Lunar Diplomacy quest at 40 defense. This will direct 75% of the attack, back to your enemies


  • Void Knight: You will need 42 defense to get this set from Pest Control.


  • Berserker Helm: With a 45 defense, you will unlock this from Fremennik Trials.


  • Nezzy Helm: You will unlock this one from the Fremennik Isles.


  • Dragon Defender: Play the Cyclops mini game at the Warriors Guild to unlock.


  • Piety: This is a prayer at level 70, which will boost your strength, attack and defense by 20%, every time you unlock this prayer. You will unlock by completing the Kings Ransom and also fighting in the night wage training grounds. You will need a defense of 65 to complete this.

Retrieving Untradeable Items

When you get killed, you enjoy a whole hour to retrieve items like Fighter Torso and Fire Capes. If died in the under 20 wilderness, you will get 60 minutes to retrieve these items. However, this does not apply to God Books, God Capes and Gloves.  If you die in any other place, these items will actually break you will need pay specified GP in order to fix these items.

Crucial Tips

If you are building a Pure account, whether you are a Void or Zerker you should never begin by training your combat stats. Most of the quests that you will complete will give you the attack and defense experience that you require. Keep your defense levels away from questing.

Well, this may be somewhat demanding and may take time for you to master, but since you are playing Runescape, you will get used to it. Last Man Standing is a good place to try out PK is you want to experience how the overall game feels. The stats will get maxed out pretty fast, and this will give you an idea of the whole experience.



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