OSRS Flipping guide | Basics, techniques and the best items to merch!

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OSRS Flipping guide | Basics, techniques and the best items to merch!

There is no denying that OSRS is a really fun game, but if you do want to get the best items you have to shell out some good cash. This can be troublesome if you’re not the person to focus your money on this type of thing, so with that in mind, we wanted to create a set of guidelines to help you with this!

The reason why you need to do flipping is to earn some quick cash. It’s not easy to do that in OSRS, but you have to do it if you need to get the best results. Remember that doing this will be very challenging and many times it will require a whole lot of attention from your side. It will also need patience, so don’t go into this with the idea that you can flip and make amazing money very fast. It does take a while but if you flip often you can really make some good money.

Why flip?

The reason is simple, the OSRS flipping guide you can find here shows that people are willing to pay for the convenience of selling the items now instead of waiting. If you have to do the sale for them at a higher price, you can indeed get some really good results. It will need a commitment from you to do that but as long as you do that results can be great.

If you are flipping for the first time, you should consider the idea of flipping high volume items. If you want to opt for the low volume and medium volume ones it might need some previous experience, so do try and keep that in mind as well.

Getting the prices right is very important. There are many sites like RSBuddy that shows you which items are the best at any given time. This way you can change your flipping tactics based on what’s on demand on the market. It really is a convenient thing for sure and it can bring you good money if you follow the prices properly.

Medium, high and low volume item sales

High volume items usually have a high GE limit and usually you don’t have to worry about undercutting others and going under or over their offer. It’s a good tactic, sure, but overall you never have to worry at this stage. The margins are small, but you can still make good profits since you sell in bulk. There are many benefits that come from selling in high volume, such as the fact that there’s a low risk, you get plenty of stability and you also get some very fast transactions to begin with.

When it comes to medium volume items, you will see that the tactic changes a little bit. The over and undercutting tactics will be needed here. You might have to wait for a while until you get stuck and you also need to adjust the prices. Patience is mandatory here because it might take a little bit of time until you get all of this sorted out properly. It’s a good tactic but it does require a little bit of flipping experience so obviously this is not for each of the players out there.

Low volume items are great for good rewards, however you have to note that there’s less of the items being traded. As a result, the prices are higher however you will need to undercut in order to get stocks. These items are expensive and it might take some time, even days to get a sale. That’s not exactly seeming like a great deal, but you can do low volume item flipping with multiple items at a time. It’s a really good investment if you do that. However, don’t try to pressure yourself into getting too much stock as it will be hard to do.

Combining low volume items with medium and high volume ones will offer you a great success if you want to start flipping properly, although professionals in OSRS flipping will usually focus on specific items that are in low demand to get the best outcome.

Each one of them is great, it all depends on the style of play. If you are the player that stays at the GE you might want to focus on the medium and high volume ones. If you do visit the GE but only from time to time you can opt for the low volume ones as you don’t have to come to the GE really often.

You can also opt for release day flipping. Obviously, this is not easy to do however if you get to flip items on the release day you can get a very good value. We recommend you to try and use all the GE slots as this will help you minimize risk, complete transactions faster and it will also lower impact on margins.


You can evaluate the process of OSRS flipping based on the risk, effort, enjoyability, difficulty, usefulness, luck and any other additional benefits. All of these do tend to play an important role in this activity and you should definitely keep that in mind. Remember that farming and flipping in OSRS is no small feat and it does require plenty of time and commitment. It’s not easy but it does come with its own set of good rewards.

Watch the changes

Many times you will see that the OSRS flipping world will change and this does depend on the changes that are made to the game. Usually, some items can be nerfed which does lead to a lower value, but you can also see buffs. Tracking these is crucial if you want to do OSRS flipping properly even if it might take a little bit of time to do these properly. As long as you are fully committed and dedicated to this experience you will find flipping pretty easy to do.

OSRS flipping is an investment and one that can be either good or bad depending on how you do it. You should always buy undervalued items then sell these for a profit. You will see that they can bring a good return on investment but on the other hand these are items that might not be able to bring you the return you want. It’s a tricky thing to focus on, sure, but in the end it can provide you with an amazing experience!

Some of the best items to flip

These usually differ based on each update. Usually, you should focus on some good PVM supplies as these do tend to sell really well and you don’t have to spend a lot of time with them. Super restores, sharks, diamond bolte, ruby bolte, super sets and ranging pots can be very good in this regard. Grapples can also be expensive as well.

Another set of good items to focus on would be the zamorakian spears and zamorakian hastas. Zul-Andra teleports might be a stellar investment as well because people use these teleports in order to get to that sweet farming region. It’s interesting to focus on these and results do pay off very well in the end.

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You have to keep in mind that there are no really good flipping items. Some of them do tend to have a spike in value which is why you should consider a side that tracks prices as that’s how you can figure out the best experience. It’s not easy to do that which is why you have to take your time and the experience will be very well worth it.

The OSRS flipping process is very fast and it can be quite convenient. It will bring you a very good value if you want to get good money and rack up profits without having to do the farming yourself. It’s great, but considering the benefits you can expect many other people to do it as well. This means that sometimes you will find situations where people do tend to focus on the same items. It’s not exactly pretty to begin with, but it’s understandable. This is why you have to create a very good slipping strategy if you want to receive the best results. Rest assured that if you opt for good OSRS flipping results can easily pay off, so use the strategies and ideas we mentioned above to get the best success. It will be a tricky thing to master at first, but OSRS flipping is home to amazing profits!


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