Best range gear OSRS | Range armour OSRS | Range armour RS 07

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Best range gear OSRS | Range armour OSRS | Range armour RS 07

We have made a research and picked the best range gear available in OSRS. Items are compared with the best according to range bonuses, to the cheaper/lower bonus alternatives.

Head slot: Armadyl’s helmet +10 / Third-age coif +9 / Robin hood hat +8 / Karil’s coif +7

Armadyl helm

Armadyl’s helm requires 70 defense and range level to be worn. It is considered the best option because it offers highest ranged bonus and is cost efficient. Many players can afford to buy armadyl’s helm if they have enough OSRS Gold. Third-age helm requires 45 defense and 65 range level if you want to wear it, and it costs a lot more than either armadyl’s helm or karil’s coif.

Amulet slot: Necklace of Anguish +15/ Amulet of Fury +10/ Amulet of glory +10

Necklace of Anguish

Amulet of anguish considered the best, because it offers +15 range bonus, however it does not give any defense nor prayer bonus, in some cases amulet of fury may be better alternative for example when doing slayer or bossing where defense and prayer bonuses are necessary.

Cape slot: Ava’s Accumulator +4

Ava’s Accumulator

When using arrows it automatically picks up ammo. God capes could be better alternative when using X bow because in this case ava’s accumulator loses it’s purpose.

Weapon slot: Heavy ballista +120/ Armadyl crossbow +100/ Toxic blowpipe +60.

Heavy balista Armadyl crossbowToxic blowpipe

Heavy ballista offers highest range bonus among all other types of bows, crossbows etc, it requires two hands to hold it, so it is not possible to wear something in shield slot. Balista requires 65 range level to be worn. Also, Balista is the most expensive item compared with armadyl crossbow or toxic blowpipe. Armadyl crossbow commonly used for bossing. It is a pretty expensive weapon, but very efficient one, because it offers high range bonuses and it is possible to wear shield with it. Toxic blowpipe requires 75 range to be worn, and it’s attack is very high compared with other two alternatives.

Shield slot: None/ Odium ward/ DFS

Odium ward

Some ranged weapons are two handed, so in some cases, there is no way to wear a shield or book at shield slot. But when it is possible, the best shield for rangers would be odium ward. It requires 60 defense to be worn and offers the highest ranged bonus in the shield slot among any other option. However it’s melee defense bonuses are poor. If you are tanking, then Dragonfire shield is good option, because of it’s defense bonuses.

Chest slot: Armadyl’s chest plate +33/ Karil’s top +30/ Third-age top +30

Armadyl chest plate

Armadyl chestplate offers highest range bonuses, also gives decent defense bonuses when equipped. Karils’s top provides with good mage defense bonuses

Leg slot: Armadyl’s chain skirt +20/ Karil’s skirt +17/ Third-age range legs +17.

Armadyl skirt

Gloves slot: Barrows gloves +12/ Third-age vambraces +11/ Blessed vambraces +11/

Barrow glove

These gloves offers the best strength, attack and defense bonuses.

Foot slot: Pegasian boots +12/ Ranger boots +8/ Snakeskin boots +3

Pegasian boots

Pegasian boots offers +12 range strength bonuses as well as some defense bonuses and requires 75 range level to be worn. Pegasian or rangers boots is a great option for wealthy players who has a decent amount of OSRS Gold however, snakeskin boots is a lot cheaper alternative, but these boots adds slightly lower range bonus.

Ring slot Archers ring (i) +8/  Archers ring +4. 

Ring slot Archers ring (i)

Archer’s ring costs around 3 M of RuneScape gold, and it can be upgraded for double range strength bonus at nightmare zone!

To sum everything up, this gear set up will provide you with the best range bonuses in OSRS. It may be very expensive set up, so feel free to combine items and make a universal gear set up suitable just for you!

Don't have enough money for the best range gear?

Best osrs ranged gear

If you don’t have enough rs gold for desired gear setup we suggest you to consider an option to buy OSRS Gold, our gold shop offers 5 minute gold delivery and the cheapest gold at the market!


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