RS3 Money Making guide | The best and most profitable methods in Runescape 3!

Money making methods -

RS3 Money Making guide | The best and most profitable methods in Runescape 3!

The most up to date RS3 Gold making methods on which we made research in 2016.

1. Crafting Astral Runes

            When crafting astral runes players enter a chance to gain roughly 1.8 million Runescape 3 gold per hour! One of the best things about crafting the runes is that it does not cost much, does not have any special requirements and is rather quick and time passing. It is recommended for you have high runecrafting, summoning and magic skills along with several items which include pure essence, cosmic rune, law rune, astral rune, and abyssal titan.

Astral rune

Using the Lunar Isle lodestone teleport, a round trip from the Lunar Isle bank to the astral altar takes about 70 seconds, including filling up your pouches and abyssal titan. To start out, withdraw essence from the bank and fill your inventory, and then fill your pouches with the remaining essence, this should come out to 74 essence per trip. Run outside the Lunar Isle wall, and run south and east past the Suqahs, trying to avoid being hit so that you don't have to wait to be out of combat before using home teleport. Once at the astral altar, craft your runes and then home teleport to the Lunar Isle lodestone. Run to the bank and repeat the process. Use the Repair Rune Pouch spell unlocked from livid farm, NPC Contact spell to contact the Dark mage, or teleport to the Wizards' Tower through your wicked hood and speak to Wizard Korvak in the Runecrafting Guild to repair your pouches as they degrade.

2. Killing Araxxi

            Perhaps one of the hardest bosses in RS3, Araxxi holds numerous items that worth tons on the General Exchange and also upon killing Araxxi a player will gain just about 1,762,140 gold coins. It is estimate that Araxxi can be killed about 5 times an hour (depending on your performance and experience) and the total payout would depend on that. To kill Araxxi it is highly recommend that you have all skills over 90, as well as wear extremely powerful items such as ascension crossbows and nexus armour.


            During the first phase Araxxi will only use three attacks, and you will have to choose between two paths. Whichever path you choose, make sure you light the web right away, it'll take a minute to completely burn down. As the second phase begins you will have to choose between 3 paths, top, middle and bottom.  All three will result in Araxxi using a different attack to beware. Phase three brings about a much stronger Araxxi. During phase 3 there will be several attacks and defenses that were not exercised before.

            Ultimately, you will kill Araxxi and earn over a million gold coins. On the average skill and speed we measured it should take a skilled player about 1 hour to kill Araxxi roughly 5 times which will generate profit of over 8 million gold coins per hour.

3. Mining Runite Ores

            In order to mine runite ores a player must have a lot of patience, as well as hill mining skills with high summoning skills recommend. Runite ores are used to make rune equipment, and on certain occasions can be extremely profitable on the market. Mining them is rather easy, just time consuming, allowing the player to make profit in the millions every hour. You will need some Lava Tiltan Pouches, make sure you have a couple thousands of them. Eventually you will create between 80 and 200 runite ores every hour, creating a possible profit of 1.2 million RS3 gold coins. Please notice that the best places to mine runite ores are the mining guild resource dungeon, Keldagrim north mine, and Heroe's guild mine.

4. Killing Skogres and Zogres

             Unlike the methods above, killing skogres and zogres is perhaps the most exhilarating method of making money in Runescape 3. Killing skogres and zogres does not require any special skills or knowledge, although it is recommended to have level 70 or more in combat. There are no requirements at all, just suggestions, some of which are carrying the best armor and weaponry you can afford.  It is helpful to have some zogre flesh eaters when fighting them, as those would help beat them faster. Ultimately you will collect so many ogre coffin keys that go extremely well on the Grand Exchange. Collect these until you have a nice quantity or follow up with prices on the Exchange, you will be able to sell them for a huge profit within hours of attaining them. It is estimated that in an hour of repeating this process you can make roughly 725,000 gold coins.

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On our article we went through several methods of making money in Runescape 3. Just like these, there are many other methods, some are harder, some are easier, but we investigated and tried each and every method known to the community, to bring the most profitable, fun, exhilarating and morale upbringing methods that exist.  Our choice criteria included speed, profitability, boredom reduction and reliability. We tested the speed in which each task can be completed, the profit ratio depending on the time spend and the damage incurred, the level of interest that each task provides the player with and the effectiveness of each method on the ever-changing Grand Exchange.


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