Best Magic Gear Guide for RuneScape 2007 | Best OSRS Magic armour

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Best Magic Gear Guide for RuneScape 2007 | Best OSRS Magic armour

This RuneScape 2007 magic gear guide is based on maximum mage bonuses. We suggest to combine armors and weapons according to the situation that you’ll be getting yourself into, and the actions you are willing to take. There are many different options to choose from in RuneScape, however we chose those options that will maximize your overall benefit in most generic situations!

Head slot: Third age mage hat +8/ Ahrim’s hood +6/ Infinity hat +6/ Farseer helm +6

Third age mage hat

Third age mage hat price range is 40-50 Million RS Gold. It requires 65 magic and 35 defense to wear. It is the most expensive option to be worn in head slot, however it is the best one as well because of its magic bonus. Second option is Ahrim’s hood, it requires 70 magic and 70 defense level to wear and offers a little bit lower magic bonus but gives melee defense bonuses which are important when training in a non-safe spot. Also it is priced much more economically compared to the third age mage hat. Infinity hat and farseer helm offer +6 magic bonus, however farseer helm also gives melee defense bonuses and is cheaper alternative.

Amulet slot: Third age amulet +15 Occult necklace +12/ Amulet of Fury +10

Third age amulet

Third age amulet price range is 14-18 Million gold coins. It is an expensive amulet, but offers +15 magic bonus and +10 magic defense bonus, the only drawback is that it does not give any melee defense bonuses when equipped. Occult necklace is a cheaper alternative, offering +12 mage attack bonus and 10% magic damage bonus. Amulet of fury costs around 3 M RuneScape 2007 gold, provides +10 magic attack bonus, +15 melee defense bonus and +5 prayer. When going PVM or slayer  it would be wiser to use amulet of fury because of its universal bonuses, but if you aim on max mage bonus use third age amulet.

Cape slot: Zamorak god +10/ Saradomin god +10/ Guthix god cape +10

God cape

God capes acquired after completing Mage Arena minigame. God capes are the best for mages because of their +10 magic bonus.

Weapon slot: Toxic staff of the dead +25 and boosts magic damage by 15%

Toxic staff of the dead

Toxic staff of the dead costs around 10 M OSRS gold. It requires 75 attack and 75 magic level to be worn, also it has 1/8 chance of casting a free spell. In addition, it has the ability to autocast flames of zamorak. Ultimately, Toxic Staff of the Dead is the best weapon for mages!

Shield slot: Arcane spirit shield +20/ Mage’s book +15/ Malediction ward +12/ Book of darkness +10

Arcane spirit shield

Arcane spirit shield offers same defense bonus as a blessed spirit shield yet it also provides great magic attack bonus when equipped. Its price range is 73-75 million of RuneScape gold, 65 magic, 75 defense and 70 prayer is required to wear arcane spirit shield. Mage’s book costs 6-7 M, and requires 60 magic to be worn. Malediction ward costs 3-5 Million RS gold coins, and requires 60 defense to wield. Ward offers great melee and mage defense stats and +12 magic bonus. Book of darkness with all pages costs around 1 M of runescape gold. Completion of quest Horror from the deep is a must to wield book of darkness.

Chest slot: Ahrims robe top +30/ Third age robe top +24/ Infinity robe top +22/ Enchanted or mystic robe top +20

Ahrims robe top

Ahrim’s robe top offers great magic attack bonus and also is way cheaper than third age robe top which costs 140-170 M. Ahrim’s robe top requires 70 magic and 70 defense level to be worn and third age robe top requires 65 magic and 35 defense to wear. Infinity robe top is also a great alternative for runescape players who love to train magic! Infinity robe top costs 4-5 M RS 2007 gold and gives +22 magic bonus and requires 50 magic and 25 defense level to wield.

Leg slot: Ahrim’s robe skirt +22/ Third age robe +19/ Infinity bottoms +17

Ahrims robe skirt

Ahrim’s robe skirt offers the best magic attack bonus and also is way cheaper than third age robe bottom which costs 45-50 M. Ahrim’s robe skirt requires 70 magic and 70 defense level to wear and 3rd age robe bottom requires 65 magic and 35 defense to wear. Infinity robe bottom is fancy, and it provides a good magic attack bonus but it is a little “over the budget” for most players.

Gloves slot: Tormented bracelet +10/ Barrows gloves +6/ Infinity gloves +5

Tormented bracelet

The price of Tormented bracelet is 28 Million RS 07 Gold. It has no requirements to be worn. It offers the highest magic attack bonus of +10, 5% magic damage and +2 prayer. Tormented bracelet is considered to be the best because of its magic attack bonus, however barrows gloves are also a good solution for mages, because they offer great defense bonuses and are cheap. Infinity gloves are good option for lower level players, they require 50 magic and 25 defense level to wield.

Foot slot: Eternal boots +8/ Infinity boots +5/ Wizard boots +4

Eternal boots

Eternal boots costs are rather pricey yet they are considered to be the best item to wear in the foot slot for mages, because of their highest magic attack bonus in the game. They require 75 magic and 75 defense skill to be worn. Price range starts from 5 M and ends with 8M. Infinity boots costs 1-2 Million of old school runescape gold, offer +5 magic attack bonus and can be upgraded to eternal boots. Eternal boots are made by combining eternal crystal with infinity boots; player must have both of 60 magic and 60 runecrafting levels to make it work. The third option would be to wear Wizard boots which costs around 500k of RS gold and require 20 magic level to wear.

Ring slot: Seers ring (i) +8. Seers ring (i) is an imbued seers ring

Seers ring i

It offers double magic attack bonus compared with regular ring. And is the best item for mages to wear in the ring slot.

Mage gear with highest bonuses


Every situation is unique in its own character and clearly you can never be sure that one configuration will match all occurrences; this is why we have researched the items to not only increase attack and defense, but to allow every player to use them easily without sweating too much. For example, Toxic staff of the dead is perhaps one of the most useful weapons on OSRS, featuring easy and extremely impactful attack.  Adding to that the third age mage hat will create almost invincibility in the game, whether you are on a raid, bossing or just leveling up. As we like to iterate, having great gear is only 50% of your success; the other 50% is how you use the gear. And we recommend using the gear after you have acquired some experience fighting. Also remember that even though we listed several different gear options for each slot, you don't always have to go with the most expensive one, as that is far fetched for most RuneScape 2007 players.  The simple gear is sometimes the best since it offers great immediate protection and options that may not be as powerful or impactful but they are quite enough to get by any bossing necessary. Take our word for it, you will skyrocket your skills and experience, and you will have an easier time accomplishing any goal you set forth in the game!

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